Week 4: Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

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Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day is a fascinating blog for educators. Ferlazzo provides information about a wide variety of subjects, ranging from education, teaching ELL, ESL, and EFL, politics, weather, and natural phenomenons. I noticed he blogged about the Chicago Teacher’s Strike and provided links to further information. He also posted links to current information from the presidential election. He also had a fascinating post about a fire tornado and provided a video with actual footage. The video would be really interesting to students and a great way to start a discussion about tornados. He also provides resources for teaching about certain subjects, such as in the post “Constitution Day Resources” which provides links to websites with useful information. Another interesting thing about Ferlazzo’s blog is that he provides information about books that he has written with links to purchase them. He also has a link to his English Website with information on teaching English. I really liked Ferlazzo’s blog because you can’t guess what his next post will be about. He keeps it interesting by not always talking about the same thing day after day. I like the variety in his blog and it makes for an interesting read. As a future teacher, I feel that I could accumulate several resources from this blog that would be useful in the classroom.

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